East End Community School and Portland Stage-Play Me a Story
Portland Stage and East End Community Partner for Pre-K-4th Grade
Portland Stage Company

Portland Stage’s Play Me A Story is a school outreach program where professional teaching artists perform children’s literature and classic poetry for the entire school, and then work with select classrooms in workshops based on the stories. Actors teach students to use their bodies, voices, and imaginations to build understanding, encourage literacy, and bring stories to life. 

This combination kinesthetic/visual/verbal/cooperative approach offers an alternative strategy for children to learn about literature with no “right” solution, allowing for many different interpretations. Students are 

encouraged to make multisensory connections to the text, which provides a new access point to language and literacy. Students will work as a group to collectively tell stories, promoting teamwork and creativity. 

The PLAY program meets State of Maine Learning Results and Common Core Standards objectives, including both Performing Arts/Theater and Language Arts. 

These books celebrate metamorphosis in nature, friendships, and the characters’ understanding of selfhood.