Ms. McCaffrey

Hello My Name Is...

Chris McCaffrey

I have been at East End School since 2013.  I moved to Maine from Leominster, Massachusetts.  That is the home of Johnny Appleseed and The Pink Flamingo!

Programs that are used to support students:

Reading AtoZ: access to leveled mini books, either online or hard copy.  Books are various genres (kinds) and series.  There are also activities to reinforce comprehension, vocabulary and higher order thinking.
Epic: On line access to many different kinds of books.  Some are read to the students, some are picture books and some are chapter books.
Spire: Phonics support program to assist students learning the complexities of the English language
Scholastic Reading Inventory: reviews student growth and recommends the level of text that is best for the student.

Fastt Math: on-line engaging activities, the focus is repeated practice of fact fluency.
Envision: the Mathematical program used by East End School
Scholastic Mathematics Inventory: reviews student word to determine where additional focus is necessary for students to be successful.