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newsletter 4-03-17
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Sunday, April 02, 2017 8:42:52 PM
Julie Coffin
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newsletter 4-03-17

Dear Parents,                                                            4-3-17

Last week, the students began to observe borrowed Audubon bird mounts as a kick-off to our bird study.  They looked closely at male Mallard Duck and an American Kestrel.  The students also wrote information they learned through their scientific observations and through reading non-fiction books.  We will continue to learn about Maine birds through observing and writing about bird mounts. Next week, students will choose a bird to research and begin creating a beautiful non-fiction bird book with the help of SidexSide grant artists, Leah and Sarah.

On Thursday morning, we are going to Merrill Auditorium to see “The Golden Dragon Acrobats”.  Looking forward to seeing this exciting show!  We will have two more field trips this spring, which you are welcome to chaperone.  I will have details to share during our conference time.

Speaking of conference time, I am looking forward to sharing your child’s progress and learning next week during conferences.  I have sent home a notice with your conference time…please let me know if this time does not work for you so that we can reschedule.  Reminder: Monday and Tuesday are ½ days and students will be dismissed at 11:40.  See you soon!


Mrs. Coffin



Mrs. Coffin


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