Mrs. Rotolo
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                                  Welcome to Kindergarten!

  My name is Cindy Rotolo.  It has been my professional honor and
  personal joy to be a part of the teaching staff at EECS since the
  school opened in 2006. Prior to my tenure at East End, my teaching
  years in Portland Public Schools has included being on staff at
  Hall, Jack, and Adams Elementary Schools.

  Are you asking yourself this question?  "Hmmm, I wonder just how 
  many years has this person been in Portland Schools? "  Well, 
  here's my answer:  I have been packing up my school lunch and
  book bags since I was 5 years old!  I am proud to share that I too
  am a product of the Portland Public Schools and indeed my own 
  decision to enter the field of education was inspired by the many
  gifted, nurturing, skillful teachers I encountered along the way.
  That said, JUST as inspiring and influential are the students placed
  in my teacher care with each passing year, as are the gifts of lessons
  learned at the hands of the diverse experiences afforded with
  each new partnership we form as I welcome new families and
  community members into our classroom.   For I truly believe that
  no matter how many teacher years I have behind me...the children
  in front of me, are bound to teach me something new!

  Feel free to reach out to me to learn more about me or the JOYS
  of Teaching and Learning in K LAND where we are ever growing!

   Here's wishing ALL a Summer full of Learning Experiences!