East End Community School

From our building structure to our playgrounds to our lunch programs, we are an environmentally progressive school, set in Maine's most urban city.

In our intiative to help children realize their potential as conscious, educated and compassionate thinkers and leaders, environmental responsibility and awareness is woven throughout everything we do. Here are just some of the ways we make these issues a part of the EECS experience:


Built for sustainbility from the ground up by Stephen Blatt Architects

The entrance and classroom wings face south and provide protected outdoor play areas. The spine connecting the classroom wings provides access to special program spaces, with windows opening over a vegetated roof. The facets of the community wing step around the hill providing extraordinary views; massing hugs the site, reinforcing the topography.

The interior presents a combination of vibrant colors; distinctive floor patterns are color coded by wing. Ground-faced concrete block wainscoting provides a handsome, low -maintenance surface. The exterior’s masonry stripes, wave-like window patterns, and ever-changing silver metallic siding together activate the amazing site.

The green roof at EECS prevents water run off. Plants on the roof absorb rain water and keep it from running into the street and picking up street contaminates that end up in Back Cove or Casco Bay. The black roof traps the heat for energy efficiency.

EECS is Certified LEED Silver.

Community Garden

The school gardens at East End Community School provide a real learning opportunity for students as well as providing a fantastic public space with one of the most picturesque views in the neighborhood.

EECS’s outdoor classroom curriculum allows students to plant seeds, tend, and harvest their own food. Students then enjoy their very own vegetables including radishes, carrots, potatoes, kale, and more. One fall there was a particularly bountiful carrot crop that was used to make carrot cake for the entire school. A new cedar garden shed was built in the garden just across from the school which is a beautiful and use addition to our campus.

On afternoons throughout the summer, volunteers gather to tend to the gardens. All grounds greening parties are held prior to the start of school in August to weed gardens, pick up trash, spread new wood chips, and generally spruce up our outdoor space before students returned for the start of the school year.

With gardening help year round from Cultivating Community, parents, teachers, community volunteers, and our dedicated School Ground Greening Liaison, EECS continues to enjoy the most scenic and greenest campus in Portland.

Solar Power

There are 18 solar panels on the roof at East End Community School that were installed in 2006. They are 150 watt each and produce about 3 KW electricity a day. This is equivalent to what powers a household for a day.

The solar panels were donated by Alfred Padula, the former Chairman of the Green Campus Consortium of Maine. East End Community School was one of the first schools in Maine to have solar panels for energy efficiency.