Welcome to the Mathematics Information Page for East End Community School. At East End, we believe in creating a mathematically-rich environment, embedding math throughout the student day. Below you will find a brief summary of what we have to offer and some links to helpful at-home, on-line resources. If you want to know more about what your child is learning in Math Class, please feel free to contact his/her teacher with your questions.

East End Community School uses Pearson’s enVision Common Core Edition as our math program. enVision is a rigorous and focused program that is based on The Common Core State Standards, which were adopted by The State of Maine. 

Envision was one of the first math programs written to meet the Common Core State Standards. It focuses on building strong foundational knowledge and number sense while moving students toward advanced mathematical thinking. Every lesson has visual learning, interactive learning, and independent practice. Envision spends a lot of time delving deeply into a concept; fewer topics are taught, but students develop a deeper understanding of math.

In Grades K, 1, and 2, students will develop a strong understanding of numbers (number sense and place value), master addition and subtraction facts, and will develop basic geometry skills.

In grades 3, 4, and 5, students will develop a strong understanding of mathematical properties, mathematical patterns, geometry, measurement with precision and purpose, analyzing and solving problems, and will develop a mastery of problem solving with fractions.

Envision has assessments embedded into every day’s work. There is a daily quick check, there is a topic test after each topic is complete, and there is a benchmark test after every four topics.

Every lesson starts with posing a problem to students who work collaboratively to solve the problem.  Next, students see and discuss an animation that takes them through a problem. This sets the purpose for the day’s work.  Students then work collaboratively on some interactive problems before moving into independent work. Finally, students are assessed on their learning for the day, and homework is assigned based on what each student needs to practice.

Is there homework?

There is extra work each day that students will need to complete to be successful in math. In the primary grades, time may be built in to the day to complete “homework.” In the intermediate grades, students will have homework Monday-Thursday. Students who complete their homework are proving to be significantly more successful on assessments.


The Commo
n Core State Standards require students to develop fluency with their math facts in the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. FASTT Math is a computer-based program for students in grades 2-5 that helps students become fluent with their facts. Fact mastery goals are as follows: addition 0-9 by the end of second grade; subtraction 0-9 and multiplication 0-9 by the end of third grade; division 0-9 by the end of fourth grade. Fact fluency is critical for student's mathematical development.

Visit Portland Public Schools' website for acess to some fun FASTT Math games to help your child master mathematics. Here is how you can login:

  1. click on For Students
  2. click on Scholastic Applications
  3. click on FASTT Math
  4. click on Stretch
  5. enter Student ID and Password


Additional Math Resources


K-2 Interactives

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PBS Kids-Math Games-PK-2

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Sheppard Software-PK-8

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Khan Academy - Math tutorials

Visit Khan Academy for free, well-regarded learning resources across a variety of subjects.

If you have questions about math at East End Community School, please feel free to contact Mr. Chard ([email protected]) for more information.