About Us
Administrators Boyd Marley (Principal); Kelly Thornhill (Assistant Principal)
Administrative Secretaries Bill Sumner; Destiny Plummer
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coach          Amanda Lowe
Nurse Shriah O'Connell
Social Workers Liza Brown; Ann Schneider

The East End Community School is an elementary school serving Portland's diverse and growing East End neighborhood, located on the far east end of the Portland peninsula. The school is positioned on a hill overlooking beautiful Casco Bay, offering students and staff views of a picturesque ocean and the prominent Portland skyline.

The school was constructed in 2006 and is home to more than 400 students in grades K-5. With modern educational needs in mind, the school was designed from the ground up to be a warm, welcoming, and enriching environment for learning and teaching. Large windows allow natural light to pour in classrooms, solar panels on the roof provide the school with electricity, and three two-story "houses" provide community-like learning spaces for children based on their ages and needs.

Our academic program uses a workshop model that allows students to move through skill development at individual levels while helping them to become successful, lifelong learners. Our approach utilizes the Rigor/Relevance Framework:

Rigor, Relevance, Relationships

The Rigor/Relevance framework was developed by the staff of the International Center for Leadership in Education to help teachers understand the complex ways students think and give them the tools to develop academic programs based on the ways in which knowledge is acquired, assimilated, and used.

Teachers at EECS use this framework to develop their instructional strategies, using tools to meet students where they are individually and help them grow into creative thinkers and problem solvers by:

  1. Ensuring the concepts are presented as relevant to the students.
  2. Adding rigor to challenge students when necessary.
  3. Focusing on building relationships between staff, students, and the outside world.

Rise and Shine

East End Community School's Rise & Shine program is an excellent example of this framework in practice.  R & S began as a before-school model of engagement that helps students kick start their day.  Students engage with a caring and charismatic adult to get their minds working and bodies moving at the start of the day.  There are over 75 weekly activities offered (from five learning strands: STEM, Literacy, Health & Wellness, Citizenship, and the Visual and Performing Arts).  R & S is an opportunity to building lasting relationships and engage students, staff, and community in promising practices so students can access their future learning.  Volunteers, parents and community partners, and the EECS staff are the people who create the relationships within our school community that make Rise and Shine successful.