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May 30th News 

Mrs. Hewey’s First Grade News

May 30, 2017

Dear Families,

      Today I sent home the last Scholastic Book order of the year.  If your child would like to order a book, please send me the money and form or order online by next Monday, June 5th.  I will place the order on Tuesday, June 6th so that there is enough time for the order to arrive by the last week of school.

      We had a great time at Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport last week.  Thank you to Ashley’s mom, Evelyne, and Mohamedamin’s mom, Fartun, for coming with us on the fieldtrip.  The children saw a working dairy farm, with cows, sheep and goats.  They loved petting and watching the baby lambs and goats.  The children also made butter.  It was so easy!  The farmer poured Hood’s half and half cream into four jars with tight lids.  The children took turns shaking and shaking and shaking the jars.  Eventually the half and half turned into whipped cream and, after more shaking, they saw it turn into a lump of butter!  The kids tasted the butter on crackers and thought it was delicious.

      The class continues to keep a close eye on the eggs in our incubator and is eager for the chicks to hatch.  We learned that chicken eggs hatch in 21 days so we are expecting the chicks to arrive somewhere around the 7th of June.  Ask your child to tell you what parts of the chick are growing inside the egg!

      If your child hasn’t already told you, we also dissected owl pellets last week.  Owls eat their food, such as mice, whole and then they throw up the bones and fur in pellets.  The children worked with a partner to take apart some real owl pellets, and they were so excited to find skulls and figure out what the owl had eaten.  Some kids found small bird skulls and bones, while other children found the skulls and bones of rodents. 

      As always, birds are so much fun!    Kristie

Posted by Kristina Hewey On 29 May, 2017 at 3:09 PM  17 Comments

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