Useful Links

Here are some of the websites we use and how to log in.


You can download on an iPad or on a tablet from the App Store (Search for Epic!).  If you are using a computer, go to:

On the top right of the screen (on computer only), click on Login (blue button)

On the computer, iPad or tablet enter my email address and the class password


Click on your name

Your PIN is the last four numbers of your student (lunch) number.  If you can’t remember the last four numbers, write your lunch number down and cross our the first two numbers.  That will be your PIN!

Stride Academy

On a computer, tablet or iPad, go to

Under “student ID” enter your lunch number

Next will be the KCS code-enter kcs28423

Then, enter your password-123456

Spelling City

Download the app on the app store or go to on a computer

Click on “log in” and enter your username.  Your username is pps(first name last initial).  For example, ppsmathewb

Your password is your student (lunch) number

Class Messenger

Go to on the computer or download the app on a phone or tablet/iPad.  It is only an iPhone app so you have to search for iPhone apps only in the app store.

When logging in, your username is pps(first name, last initial).  For example, ppsmathewb

Password is your student (lunch) number

This app is helpful for both you and your parents.  I can update and give you reminders about homework, activities (like field trips), and all kinds of things.  Please encourage your parents to sign up as well to stay connected with our classroom.