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Newsletter 5-22-17
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Monday, May 22, 2017 11:36:18 AM
Julie Coffin
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Newsletter 5-22-17

Dear Parents,                                                                                5-15-17


            We have been true scientists here in first grade!  Last week we all dissected barn owl pellets.  Owls can”t chew or grind their food, so they cough up what they can’t digest.  The pellets usually contain fur and bones.  You may have had a lesson about owl pellets if your child brought home a few bones to share with you!

            In math we are learning about telling time to the hour and half hour.  We will practice thinking about time throughout the day using our schedule and how long activities take.  The next topics in math will be a geometry unit about shapes and their attributes and fractions.

            Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23rd our class will go to Wolf”s Neck Farm in Freeport.   We will learn about where our food comes from and enjoy learning about some of the animals and plants they grow there.   We especially hope to see the chickens and how the eggs are collected.  Please read the letter from the farm about how to prepare your child for the trip.   If you are chaperoning, please meet in the classroom at 8:50.



            Mrs. Coffin




Mrs. Coffin


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