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Newsletter 5-1-17
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Monday, May 01, 2017 10:07:14 AM
Julie Coffin
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Newsletter 5-1-17

Dear Parents,                                                          5-1-17

         It is finally starting to feel like Spring as the first graders are beginning their study of Maine birds!  We were able to take a couple of bird walks and saw goldfinches, an osprey, starlings, robins, crows and seagulls.  We will continue to go out to collect data and graph how many and which birds we spot around the neighborhood.

The Thursday before break we had a special visit from “Wind Over Wings” through our SidexSide grant.  This group of bird rehabilitators brought in a live raven, red-tailed hawk, great horned owl and saw-whet owl.  They taught us about the special adaptations of the birds as well as how they helped each bird after trauma or injury.  Ask your child their favorite bird from this memorable visit.

Each student is beginning to research a bird that they will then write a non-fiction book about.  An Audubon educator will come to our classroom on Tuesday to have us notice the differences between the beaks and feet of four bird species including the kingfisher, mallard, chickadee and kestrel.  We will learn about how the birds use their beaks and feet to catch or collect food.

         On Friday, May 12th we will go to the Audubon center in Falmouth to continue to investigate birds and their adaptations.  If you could please send your child to school with sneakers (or boots if it is a wet day) and a warm coat as we will spend much of our trip outdoors.  If you would like to chaperone this trip, please let me know!  We will meet in our classroom at 8:50 in time for our 9:00 departure and plan to return by 11:15. 


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Mrs. Coffin


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