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Saturday, February 04, 2017 12:35:02 PM
Julie Coffin
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Dear Parents,                                        2-7-17

 The children have been excited about their individual reading growth and continue to bring homework book bags home Monday through Thursday night to read at their "just right" reading level.  Students are practicing their fluency (reading smoothly) and are using strategies like breaking words into chunks or noticing word parts they already know to help them read unknown words. Thank you for listening to your child read at home!

Your child also has a writing goal they are working on as we practice writing our opinion in our persuasive writing unit.  Ask your child what their goal is!  It could be using spaces between words, writing with lower case letters, using punctuation or stretching to hear more sounds in words.

Look for the moon this week!  There will be another full moon on Friday night.  We have learned about the moon’s phases and how the pattern repeats every 28 days.  See if your child can explain how the moon seems to change from our view here on Earth.

Next Tuesday, we will celebrate the friendships in our classroom by exchanging Valentine cards.  If you would like to have your child make Valentines, please use the list of names below so that all of the children are included.  I can send paper home to anyone who would like to make homemade cards.

Sincerely,   Mrs. Coffin





Mrs. Coffin


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