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Newsletter 10-17-16
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Sunday, October 16, 2016 4:31:16 PM
Julie Coffin
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Newsletter 10-17-16

Dear Parents,                                                     10-17-16


Your first grader is now the proud new caretaker of two mealworms.  We will be observing this insect in our classroom and caring for them by checking the oat bran and adding small chunks of apple to their habitat.  We have also observed a cricket, grasshopper and ladybug.  The excitement for our insect study has spread to recess where students are searching for insects under rocks and on trees.

The first graders are participating in a gardening program through collaboration with Cultivating Community.  The class will walk across the street to the school garden to search for insects and will also learn about parts of plants, apple trees and how to plant garlic.  Over the next 6 weeks we will continue to learn about gardens, healthy foods and how our food grows.  Please have your child wear warm clothes every Wednesday, as we will be spending time outdoors in the garden until the end of November.

We have been studying mentor author’s books during writing and reading workshop.  Some of the authors we have focused on include Kevin Henkes, George McClements, and Donald Crews.  Ask your child which “author’s craft move” they have tried to use in their own writing- bold words, speech bubbles, small moments, sound effects or action words.

We had a visit from the fire department on Friday afternoon.  We learned about how to make a plan to meet outside in case of a fire, to change the batteries in our fire alarms and also got to check out a fire truck and it’s equipment.  The classes were amazed when they saw the ladder extended.

I hope you can make it for first grade recess and lunch with your child on October 28th, from 11:15 to 12:15.  Please complete the from from Ms. Wissa so that she can order enough lunches for all.


Mrs. Coffin



Mrs. Coffin


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