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Newsletter 9-19-16
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Friday, September 23, 2016 11:36:45 AM
Julie Coffin
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Newsletter 9-19-16

Dear Parents,                                                          9-19-16

Our class has been working on writing “small moment” stories where they zoom into the details of who they were with, where they were and what happened when writing about something they’ve done. Each first grade author prepares for writing by planning their story with their writing partner and acting out what happened to help bring their story to life.

The children are also practicing reading “long and strong” during “read to self” time.  They each have their own book box filled with “just right” leveled books so that they can practice reading the words, reading the pictures or retelling a story they have already heard me read.  The goal is to be able to read for 20 minutes! 

In math we have learned about how numbers can be broken into parts (addends) and have practiced writing addition sentences.  There are a couple of pages of math you can work through with you child at home that are stapled to the back of the day’s lesson.  This extra work will be sent home in your child’s red folder each Monday.  Thank you for your support with this extra reinforcement of skills taught at school.

I am sending a couple of Scholastic Books order home this week.  If you are interested in ordering, I encourage you to order online so your child doesn’t have to bring money to school.  The classroom online code that will connect you with our class is  H9NV2.  The order is due by Monday, Sept. 26th. 

I hope to see you all at our Back to School night this Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00! 


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Mrs. Coffin


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