East End School-Family-Student Compact

East End School-Family-Student Compact

The East End Staff, students and families agree that this compact outlines how our families, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for building and developing a partnership that will help student to be prepared and empowered to achieve in school, life, and work.

School Responsibilities

East End Staff will:

  1. Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that supports learners.
  2. Make communication a priority.  We will be proactive and communicate with families on their student’s academic and overall progress. We will use a variety of strategies to communicate with our diverse famiiles.
  3. Set high expectations for staff, students and families by ensuring a challenging curriculum, implementing programs targeted at increasing student achievement and committing to recruit, retain, and train qualified staff. Also, highlight/prepare ways that families can advance the learning environment at home.
  4. Provide a safe space where everyone is wlecomed and valued.
  5. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their student’s learning environment(s).
  6. Provide parents reasonable access to staff.

    Family Responsibilities

    We, as parents, will support our student’s learning in the following ways:

  7. Establish routines to support my student’s success:
    • appropriate bed time
    • monitor attendance
    • homework & reading (at home)
  8. Communicate the significance of success in school & its relationship with success in life to students.
  9. Partner with the school to ensure everyone feels welcomed and safe.
  10. Ensure that my student attends school on a regular basis and arrives at school on time.
  11. Stay informed and communicate with the school by promptly reading all notices from the school or the school district either received by my student or by mail and responding as appropriate.

     Student Responsibilities

    We, as students, will share the responsibility to improve our academic achievement and help to build a safe and welcoming school. Specifically we will:

  12. Be positive members of the school community.  Be Kind to each other.
  13. Attend school everyday (we are not sick).
  14. Be respectful to ourselves and others.  Treat others as you want to be treated.
  15. Be responsible by listening and helping.
  16. Practice reading time at home.