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April 10th News 

Mrs. Hewey’s First Grade News

April 10, 2017


Dear Families,

     The children had a great time at the Golden Acrobats performance at the Merrill Auditorium.  The acrobats did amazing tricks with their bodies, and I wish I could have taken pictures of the children’s faces as they watched!  If you Google Golden Acrobats, you can see some pictures of the tricks they do.

     Today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday) your family is scheduled for your child’s conference.  We only have 30 minutes to talk so please make sure to be on time.  Your conference time is written on the yellow newsletter in your child’s blue folder or backpack.

     Last week we had another bird mount (a dead but real bird that is stuffed) in the classroom and it was a duck.  The children learned that a male duck is called a drake and the female is a hen.  We had a drake in the classroom and the kids loved his bright green head and yellow bill.  Then, when the kids went out for recess, some of them saw real ducks waddling on the field.  It was as if the live ducks knew we were learning about them!

     This upcoming week is supposed to be very warm so your child won’t need snow pants or mittens or hats.  The kids will be very happy to have true spring weather and not have to get all their winter clothes on.

     Every child in the class is going to be studying one particular bird and learning about where that bird lives, what it eats, what is special about is body, as well as learning about its eggs and babies.  Ask your child to tell you what bird he or she is going to study.

                    All the best,   Kristie



Posted by Kristina Hewey On 09 April, 2017 at 3:21 PM  

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