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April 3 News 

Mrs. Hewey’s First Grade News

April 3, 2017

Dear Families,

     Last week the children began learning about birds.  They got to see a real kestrel, a type of falcon bird, which we borrowed from the Maine Audubon.  The bird was not alive anymore but had been stuffed, so the kids enjoyed looking closely at the feathers and body parts of the bird.  Ask your child to tell you what the kestrel looked like.

     On Friday a writer named Sarah Braunstein came to celebrate the I Am poems that all of the first graders wrote.  Two children from each first grade class used a microphone and read their poem to the entire group.  Congratulations to Believe and Dalyla who were brave enough to do this!  Then Sarah Braunstein, my husband, Mrs. Melton, three fourth and fifth graders, and Ms. Alexander came back to our class and everyone got to read their poem to our visitors. Sarah was so impressed by the details that the children put into their poems and how much she learned about each one of them. The children’s I Am poems are hanging in the hallway of the first grade wing so you will be able to see them when you come for conferences next week. 

     Happy Birthday to our March birthday friends, Dalyla and Oliver! 

     Reminders!!  This Thursday, April 6th, is our fieldtrip to see acrobatics at the Merrill Auditorium.  We will be leaving after 9:00 so please make sure to get your child to school on time.  We will be back before lunch.

     Also, next week is conferences so children will be dismissed at 11:40 on Monday and Tuesday, April 10th and 11th.  Lunch will be served very early those days.  On Friday, April 14th, April vacation begins so there will be no school on Friday and the following week.  We will return to school on Monday, April 24th.

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